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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • Builds the world's first loan programs for poor students in developing countries.
  • To launching an Ivy-caliber online university for 21st Century.
  • Devoted to helping K-12 teachers and schools improve.
  • Gives college students and recent grads the skills, experience, and connections to be stars at great companies.
  • Lorefy also helps in Crowd funding for institutional projects, scholarships, and student initiatives.


We've re-imagined what a class should look like online. We give instructors and students amazingly designed tools to manage their courses - calendaring, file management - and we make it unbelievably easy to interact with one another.

We partners with colleges and universities to improve learning outcomes through personalized educational experiences that are centered on the needs of students, including digital textbooks, courseware, and tools for competency-based education programs.

"I want to create something that my own child will grow up to use in their school, something that will empower students, Parents, Teachers to make best use of their own time, to shape& share their own learning experience."
I glad to tell you that we create new Startup providing innovative Social School & College management Software. Lorefy is disrupting the multi-billion dollar Education space.

Tasavoor, 2016

We hope our simple interface and innovative free and flat rate pricing model will be just what you were looking for! That's right, cross promote your school as long as you like, for free! We'd love to have you join our beta users! Launch our beta Web Application SOON!

Our corporate character

The list of core values below serve as a guideline for business transactions and judgment calls during our day-to-day activities.

  • We are honest and maintain personal integrity.
  • We own our mistakes and take pride in our accomplishments.
  • We do not condemn human error and we reward informed risks.
  • We do the right thing based on a moral code that transcends self-interests.
  • We are reliable and do what we say we're going to do.
  • We employ sound business judgment and common sense.
  • We conduct business in a manner that drives win-win outcomes.
  • We seek to understand before being understood.

Lorefy Goal

All two of us are passionate about improving education in India and helping foster lasting friendships between people in the Hindi and English speaking worlds. We hope that through Lorefy we can make a contribution towards realizing these two goals, Part of our proceeds go to charities supporting education projects in rural India.

Lorefy is a cloud based ecosystem which empowers Schools, Admin, teaching staff, Teachers, students and parents. It will be solving real time school's problem.