Best Institute Management Software

Simplifing the management of institute, integrated solution connects administration, the classroom, and the home.

Easy to Use, Powerful, Secure & affordable Institute Management System

Easy to Access

Lorefy is on-line based school ecosystem. Lorefy is available on android and Web Application School just needs Internet connection to access to Lorefy

Cost Effective

Lorefy is free for schools, teachers, parents and students. Lorefy can save Lacs in one year and school can earn lacs in a year*.

Easy to Learn

Any School can implement Lorefy with simple steps. Lorefy is design for teacher, parents, School and Colleges Online, Priority, Dedicated and offline Support Available

Smart Design

Highly user friendly designs. Intended to works with all smart devices. Web interface is user friendly.


Lorefy is designed to operate at a high level of security that could be customized to meet your needs.


Our User experience is designed from the ground up to engage students, teachers and parents. More engagement leads to more loyalty.

Lorefy Features

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